Chamber Music for Chinese and Western Instruments

Time : 2018/10/20 SAT 13:30
Venue : Soochow University Song Yi Hall
Tickets: NTD 100, free seating
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Discounts: 10% off for NTCH Dear Friends, 50% off for people with disabilities and a necessary accompanying person, 50% off for people over 65 years old. Patrons with discount tickets must present identification when entering.Buy
Conductor: Paul Tien-Chi LIN & Tai-chi CHEN
Yoonbok Suk (Korea): Ten Ox-Herding Pictures, version for sextet, 1st mvt., 3rd mvt. to 10th mvt. (2017)-World Premiere

Michael Timpson (Korea): Sizhu-Situations, for Western and Chinese instruments (2018)-World Premiere

Kee Yong Chong (Malaysia): Yuan-He (Origin-Harmony), concerto for 5 Chinese instruments and 5 Western instruments (2010/2018)-World Premiere

Maria Christine Muyco (Philippines): BuOd II, for Chinese instruments, clarinet, piano and cello (2018)-World Premiere

Emily Koh (Singapore): Resonate, for mixed Western and Chinese instruments (2017)-World Premiere

Ting-Yi Ma(Taiwan): Sound of Sheng, for Sheng, Zheng and String Quartet(2018)-World Premiere

Erman ÖZDEMİR (Turkey): Music For Combo No. 2, for Sheng, Dizi, Erhu, Alto Sax, Clarinet B♭, Cello, Piano* (2013) – Taiwan Premiere
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