Electroacoustics Concert

Time : 2018/10/22 MON 16:00
Venue : TNUA Experimental Theatre
Tickets: NTD 100, free seating
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Discounts: 10% off for NTCH Dear Friends, 50% off for people with disabilities and a necessary accompanying person, 50% off for people over 65 years old. Patrons with discount tickets must present identification when entering.Buy
Flute: Yi-Hui LIN, Pei HUA
Zheng: Hsin Fang HSU
Ka Shu Tam (Hong Kong): City Story - Flying Sword (2017-2018)-Taiwan Premiere

Otto Sidharta (Indonesia): Unexplained (2018)-World Premiere

Talia Amar (Israel): MutaMorphosis, for flute and electronics (2015)-Taiwan Premiere

Jason Long (New Zealand): Broken Mirror (2016)-Taiwan Premiere

Peter Edwards (Singapore): Pachinko Mobile (2018)-World Premiere

Yu-Chung Tseng (Taiwan): Road Turns…Suddenly Appears, for zheng, pre-recorded and live interactive electronic music (2017)

Pei-Fen Huang (Taiwan): In the Name of Love, for flute and electronics (2016)

Shing-Kwei Tzeng (Taiwan): The Changing of Five Elements IV (2014)
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