Closing Concert

Time : 2018/10/23 TUE 19:30
Venue : TNUA Concert Hall
Tickets: free admission, reservation required
Reserved Tickets Pick Up: Taipei Chinese Orchestra, ACL Taiwan National Committee, TNUA BookshopBuy
Conductor: YuanYu LIAO
Ensemble: TCO Academy Orchestra
Vietnamese Dan Bau: Hoang Anh TU
Di-Xiau: Chung-Hsien WU
Pipa: Hui-kuan LIN
Stephen Yip (Hong Kong): motto for beauty for Chinese ensemble(2017)-Taiwan Premiere

Ming-chi CHAN (Hong Kong): Stream Singing from the Heart of Hakka* (2018)-World Premiere

Chenwei WANG (Singapore): Confluence , Chinese orchestra version (2009)-Taiwan Premiere

Hong Quan Do (Vietnam): Spirit of Spring, piece for Vietnamese Dan Bau with Chinese Orchestra (2007)-Taiwan Premiere

Hwang-Long Pan (Taiwan): Double Concerto for Di-Xiau, Pipa and Chinese Orchestra (2014/15)-Taiwan Premiere

Po Chien Liu (Taiwan): Die Liebe des Hakkas für Chinesiches Orchester** (2018)-World Premiere

*Sponsored by the Hakka Affairs Council
**Po Chien LIU is the winner of the 34th ACL Young Composers Competition (2016). As a tradition of the Asian Composer League, the winner is commissioned a work and should be present in the next ACL conference. Sponsored by The Hakka Affairs Council.
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