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    • Mourning the loss of a great leader, ACL Chairman, Mr. Isao Matsushita

      This evening (9/16) we received an e-mail from the ACL Secretary General Ms. Izumi Miyoshi with the following message:

      “I am very sad to tell you that Mr. Matsushita passed away today.

      He lost consciousness during he was conducting.”

      In the wake of hearing this shocking news, we are not able to stop grieving. I represent all the members of the ACL – Taiwan National Committee in sending our deepest condolences.

      ACL Chairman Isao Matsushita’s long time devotion to the Asian Composers League is a known fact. His selfless dedication has led to very active exchanges among composers from the Asian Pacific countries and resulted in the creation of an international stage for composers where ACL member countries can showcase their best compositions. His lifelong achievements and contributions are simply too numerous to count.

      We lost our leader Chairman Matsushita in the midst of preparing for the 35th ACL Conference and Festival. This is not only a big loss for our organization, but also for the entire compositional world in Asia. While mourning, we vow to follow Chairman Matsushita’s deep love for the Asian Composers League and continue our unfinished work. We will work harder to get ready for the success of this year’s ACL Conference and Festival in the late Chairman Matsushita’s honor. We grieve and pray tonight. And we will always remember and miss our beloved Chairman Isao Matsushita.


      Wen-Tze LU, Chairman of the ACL-Taiwan National Committee

    • Announcing the 2018 ACL Conference & Festival – Fusion and Transformation

      On the morning of 15 August, an exciting conglomerate of composers, conductors and musicians gathered at the National Theatre and Concert Hall in Taipei to kick off the 35th “Asian Composers League Conference and Festival.”


      The theme of the 2018 ACL Conference and Festival is “Fusion and Transformation.”  During the Oct. 19 to 23 period, there will be 81 composistions selected from 15 countries and regions, presented in 10 concerts.  The performers include: National Symphony Orchestra, Taipei Chamber Singers, Ju Percussion Group, TCO Academy Orchestra, Mȕller Chamber Choir, Chai Found Music Workshop, Ensemble ISCM-Taiwan, NUA New Music Workshop and many more musicians.  There are also 2 forums in which 9 scholars will present there papers.  Gathering hundreds of musicians, we will together march to the future.


      In the press conference, the Political Deputy Minister of Culture Tsung-Huang Hsiao (蕭宗煌) siad, “The visual design of this edition reveals this 45-year-old association’s ambition in becoming a hub that links the music communities around Asia.”  Music knows no boundaries, and composers play an important role in connecting music from different regions and turning music into a medium that goes beyond borderlines.  

      The Chief Secretary of Hakka Affairs Council Yu-Pei Liao(廖育珮) also stated that, “Music is an excellent carrier of culture which consolidates collective identity and continues the national heritage and legacy.” In the 2018 conference and festival, there will be many works deriving from Hakka culture, including  the “Legend of The Three Mountain Kings,” an orchestral piece based on the Hakka belief of “Three Mountain Kings” composed by Prof. Fan-Ling Su(蘇凡凌) (10/19, Opengin Concert); choral music “Weng Ahong” by Wen-Tzu Lu(呂文慈) (artistic director of the 35th ACL Conference & Festival), which was based on the Meinong mountain song “Ban-shan Yiao” (10/21, Choral Music Concert); and two Chinese orchestral pieces based on Hakka folk songs created by Po-Chien Liu(劉博健), the 2016 ACL Young Composers Competition winner and the Hong Kong composer Ming-Chi Chen(陳明志). (10/23, Closing Concert)   The Openging Ceremony will present Mȕller Chamber Choir singing the works of Yu-Hsien Teng(鄧雨賢), a highly venerated early Hakka composer. The Hakka Affairs Council hopes to bring international audience closer to Hakka music and culture with these beautifully crafted works. 


      The honorary chairman of ACLTW Hwang-Long Pan(潘皇龍)began by expressing his appreciation to the music groups and government departments for their continued support to the ACL through the years. He pointed out that Asia was known for its diversified cultures and traditions. Sometimes different sides of a mountain could mean different countries, each with a distinct music scene. Despite the geographical immensity, ACL has successfully forged a new music community which runs the gamut from Northeast and Southeast Asia to West and Central Asia, including Israel and Turkey, even the Oceania. With the advantage of multiculturalism, composers should not satisfy themselves with simply adapting the traditional music, boasting, “This is my work.” Rather, they should “transform” from where they are. It is through this way that each composer shows their individuality. The concept is important to the participating composers and this is why the 35th ACL Conference & Festival is themed with “Fusion and Transformation.” 


      The 35th Asian Composers League Conference and Festival, Taiwn includes 10 concerts open to the public, and the tickets are on sale now.  For program and performers infomration, please visit  For information of the 2 forums, please visit . 


    • Announcing the Call for Papers Result

      The result of the 35th Asian Composers League Conference and Festival Call for Papers has been announced.  10 papers in 2-day forum, free admission!  Cordily invite everyone who is interested in Asian contemporary composition to join the events.


      For the complete list, please visit: