35th Asian Composers League Conference and Festival
Call for Scores

  • Orchestra:8~12 mins. Usual instrumentation; may be concertos, but the composers should invite and fully support their soloist(s).
  • Chinese Orchestra:8~12 mins. Instrumentation should be limited within:
    4 Gaohu, 4 Erhu I, 4 Erhu II, 6 Zonghu, 4 Gehu, 2 Beigehu, 2 Xiaoruan, 3 Zhongruan, 2 Daruan, 2 Pipa, 2 Yangqin, 1 Guzheng, 1 Gaodi, 2 Zhongdi, 1 Xindi, 2 Soprano Sheng, 1 Alto Sheng, 1 Bass Sheng, 1 Soprano Suona, 1 Alto Suona, 1 Tenor Suona, 4 Percussion
  • Choral Music:within 8 mins. Chamber Choir with 18 singers:
    5 Sopranos, 4 Altos, 4 Tenors, 5 Basses. With or without piano accompaniment. Prepared piano is not possible.
  • Chamber Music for Chinese and Western Instruments:within 10 mins. For 6~10 players.
    Chinese instruments should be limited within: 1 Erhu, 1 Pipa, 1 Di, 1 Sheng, 1 Zheng Western Instruments should be limited within: 1 Flute/Picc, 1 B♭/A Clarinet, 1 Alto Saxophone, 2 Violin, 1 Viola, 1 Cello, 1 Piano. Prepared piano is not possible.
  • Chamber Music:within 10 mins. Instrumentation should be limited within:
    1 Flute/Picc, 1 B ♭ /A Clarinet, 1 Alto Saxophone, 2 Violin, 1 Viola, 1 Cello, 1 Piano. Prepared piano is not possible.
    A:For 4~5 players
    B:For 1~3 players
    May include traditional instruments, but the composers should invite and fully support the musician(s).
  • Percussion Ensemble:within 10 mins. Up to 6 percussionists.
  • Electroacoustics/Multimedia:5~10 mins., works more than 10 mins. will be less considered.
    Category: tape music/acousmatic music (up to 8-channel), solo instrument/voice + electronics,ensemble+ electronics (no more than 3 instruments), audio-visual work.
    Submission material: recording (CD,DVD), score (if with instrument(s)), technical specifications.
Deadline: all the required material should be RECEIVED by ACL-Taiwan BEFORE March 31, 2018.

The 35 th ACL Conference and Festival Young Composers Competition
Within 8 mins. A work written for a duet of two heterogeneous instruments, from the following two groups respectively:
Group A: Violin, Viola, Violoncello and Double Bass
Group B: Flute/Picc, Oboe, B ♭ /A Clarinet and Bassoon

Each ACL country shall select a Young Composer Representative under the age of 30 (born after Oct. 19, 1987), and the score should be received by ACL-Taiwan BEFORE July 1, 2018.

Applicants should send all the required materials and a signed Application Form to their ACL national committee. For a complete list of ACL member list, please visit ACL website:

WE WILL ONLY CONSIDER APPLICATIONS SENT THROUGH ACL OFFICIAL MEMBERS. To become a part of ACL, please contact the ACL member of your country for more information.

Each applicant can submit up to 2 compositions. When a composition is selected to be performed in the festival, the applicant needs to provide a score and parts at no charge, and is responsible for clearing all the performance-related rights of the piece. If the composition includes traditional instruments that cannot be found in Taiwan, the applicant needs to provide the instruments for rehearsal and performing use, and to invite instrumentalists when needed.

The host country will ONLY consider applications sent through ACL official members.

Any compositions previously submitted to any ACL music festivals cannot be submitted to this festival. The Applicant must submit one score (copied and bound). For electroacoustic compositions, one score or guide and the system plan must be submitted.

ACL-Taiwan Contact Information:
Email: info@acl-taiwan.org.tw
Fax: +886-2-8809-2522
Add: P.O. Box 2-40 Tamsui Zhuwei, New Taipei City 25199, TAIWAN


Kin-Yee Raymond MOK (Hong Kong): Bamboo in Silhouette
Marisa Sharon HARTANTO (Indonesia): Beethoven di Bandung
Yonatan SHENKAR (Israel): 0/1
Hoon KANG (Korea): Death in June
Vivian CHUA (Malaysia): Mercu Kegemilangan
Fan-Ling SU (Taiwan): Legend of The Three Mountain Kings

Chinese Orchestra
Stephen YIP (Hong Kong): motto for beauty
Ming-Chi CHEN (Hong Kong): The Joyfull Heart washed by Hakka
Chenwei WANG (Singapore): Confluence
Hong Quan DO (Vietnam): Spirit of Spring
Hwang-Long PAN: Double Concerto for Di-Xiau, Pipa and Chinese Orchestra

Choral Music
Clare MACLEAN (Australia): Above the Water
Elena CHIU (Hong Kong): Twenty-Third Psalm: "The Lord is My Shepherd"
Richard TSANG (Hong Kong): And When I Die
Bracha BDIL (Israel): Yizkerem
Seung Jae CHUNG (Korea): Farewell
Kirsten STROM (New Zealand): Ktisis
Mary Katherine TRANGCO (Philippines): Salitaan
Chung Shih HOH (Singapore): Variations (on the brink)
Chiu-Yu CHOU (Taiwan): Lhialeven cekelely!
Shan-Hua CHIEN (Taiwan): Guan Ju
Wen-Tze LU (Taiwan): Weng Ahong

Chamber Music for Chinese and Western Instruments
Yoonbok SUK (Korea): Ten Ox-Herding Pictures
Michael TIMPSON (Korea): Sizhu-Situations
Kee Yong CHONG (Malaysia): Yuan-He (Origin-Harmony)
Maria Christine MUYCO (Philippines): BuOd II
Emily KOH (Singapore): Resonate
Chia-Lin PAN (Taiwan): Wolkenzug
Ting-Yi MA (Taiwan): Sound of Shen

Chamber Music A (For 4-5 players)
Kar Tai LEE (Hong Kong): Better Half
Dan YUHAS (Israel): Quartet
Miseon JEONG (Korea): Tumbleweed
Kyungmee RHEE (Korea): Lachrymae
Adeline WONG (Malaysia): Interweaves
Ramon SANTOS (Philippines): Song of Remembrance
Joyce Bee Tuan KOH (Singapore): Waiting
Cheng-Che (David) TSAI (Taiwan): Marici

Chamber Music B (For 1-3 players)
Bruce CROSSMAN (Australia): Dying of the Light: Pacific Resonance for Peter
Michael ASMARA (Indonesia): Volcano
Sakiko KOSAKA (Japan): Hana-Giseru
Hiroaki TOKUNAGA (Japan): Cinereus Waves
Isao MATSUSHITA (Japan): To the Air of Time
Chee Wei WONG (Malaysia): A Song In Vain II
Chris GENDALL (New Zealand): Dulcet Tones
Li-Ping FAN (Taiwan): Deep Breath
Kueiju LIN (Taiwan): Sketchbook III
Saksri VONGTARADON (Thailand): Bhumin

Percussion Ensemble
Eve DUNCAN (Australia): Seahorses
Chi Hin LEUNG (Hong Kong): Striking in the Tornado
Shai COHEN (Israel): Can you hear wooden man?
Young-Eun PAIK (Korea): Wood Story
Alissa LONG (New Zealand): Popoto Waiata
Jon Lin CHUA (Singapore): Mind Monkey
Chee Kong HO (Singapore): Folksongs
Kwang-I YING (Taiwan): Interdependence-III
Yi-Chen CHEN (Taiwan): Cun
Wen-Chi TSAI (Taiwan): Forêt vaporisée d'une légère brume

Electroacoustics / Multimedia
Ka Shu TAM (Hong Kong): City Story - Flying Sword
Otto SIDHARTA (Indonesia): Unexplained
Talia AMAR (Israel): MutaMorphosis
Jason LONG (New Zealand): Broken Mirror
Peter EDWARDS (Singapore): Pachinko Mobile
Yu-Chung TSENG (Taiwan): Road Turns…Suddenly Appears
Pei-Fen HUANG (Taiwan): In the name of love
Shing-Kwei TZENG (Taiwan): The Changing of Five Elements IV

Special Program:
Orchestra Concert
Tsang-Houei HSU (Taiwan): The Splendid Universe, Chinese Festival Overture, Op.18, in memory of one of the ACL founders, Prof. Tsang-Houei Hsu.

Young Composers Competition Winner commissioned works:
Chamber Music B
Hibiki MUKAI (Japan) commissioned work (the 33th ACL Young Composers Competition Winner)

Chinese Orchestra
Po Chien LIU (Taiwan) commissioned work (the 34th ACL Young Composers Competition Winner)